Voice Lesson Information

If you don’t see your questions answered here, please feel free to contact Lisa Rochelle at 212-724-3470, Sunday through Thursday from 9AM to 9PM.

Private lessons are taught at Lisa Rochelle’s West 74th Studio on Manhattan’s residential     Upper West Side, convenient to #1,2,3, B & C trains. See DIRECTIONS for mass transit below.

Address:  170 West 74th St, Apt 603 (Southeast corner of Amsterdam & 74th St.)
Please make yourself comfortable in the lobby, and come up just before your lesson time.

1.  The building has strict rules against waiting in hallways or sitting in the stairwell.  Please do not come up early.
2.  Apt. 603 is not on the main hall.  You must go past the elevator through glass EXIT door.

Lessons are 45 minutes or 60 minutes and are offered most Sundays through Thursday. As the schedule varies time to time, please contact Lisa by phone at 212-724-3470 or at , regarding your specific scheduling needs.

Private Lesson
s:             Sunday through Thursday & some Fridays

No private lessons on Saturdays

Single Lesson Single Lesson Series of 5 Lessons Discounted Lessons
(See below)
1 hour 
45 Minutes 
Five 1-hour lessons
1 hour

Click here to pay for a lesson online now.
Please note Paypal convenience fee is added to online payments - Add $5 for single lessons, add $15 for series of 5 lessons.

Payment is expected at each lesson, unless you have prepaid online.  Lessons may be paid for in cash or online in advance through Paypal on my website.  Checks and electronic checks are accepted from established clients. A minimum of 24 hours notice BY PHONE is required for cancellations, or the reserved lesson time must be paid for. Email cancellation alone is not sufficient.

First lessons are 60 minutes long and are scheduled after a brief phone interview.  First lessons without a personal or professional referral must be paid for in advance online no later than the day before the scheduled lesson, or the time slot will not be guaranteed.

Discounted Lessons:  I offer discounts on private lessons for Actors' Equity Members, SAG/AFTRA Members, La Guardia Arts Students, National Theatre Institute Alumni, Marymount Manhattan College Alumni,  LoVetri SVW referrals, and singers referred by Voice and Speech Pathologists.

Special financial arrangements can be made when necessary/appropriate.

BEFORE your lesson…

  • Please contact me at 212-724-3470 or at Lisa@LisaRochelle.com to set up a brief phone interview.
  • Please come 'FRAGRANCE FREE' to lessons, as I have allergy-induced asthma.  This includes perfumes, scented soaps and lotions, most hair products, essential oils, etc.  My apologies for any inconvenience, and I thank you in advance.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing that allows you to move freely and breathe easily.
  • Click on WHAT TO BRING and WHAT TO EXPECT for more details.

Questions on the day of your lesson?  Lost the address?
I do not take phone calls while teaching, so you won't get me 'live' if you have questions about that day's lesson.  My studio address and phone are listed with 411, should you need them last minute. 
If you are running late, please leave a message, as I will check voicemail if you are not on time.

When you arrive...
When you arrive, please have a seat in the lobby and tell the doorman you are here to see me.  Please do not come upstairs early, as the Co-op has strict rules against waiting in the hallway or in the stairwell. 

*Apt. 603 is not on the main hallGo past the elevator
through glass EXIT door.

A minimum of 24 hours notice BY PHONE is required for cancellations, or the reserved lesson time must be paid for.

E-mail cancellation alone is not sufficient.

48 hours notice by phone required for Sunday lessons.

If you have prepaid for a series of lessons, lessons must be used within 8 weeks of the first lesson.  Arrangements can be made if travel out of town is required due to work.

Not Sure? Illness?
If it is nearing 24 hours before your lesson and you think you may be coming down with something, may have an audition, may get stuck at work, but you don't want to cancel the lesson at that point, call me to COVER YOURSELF and we can decide from there. For those traveling from outside Manhattan, I strongly recommend using mass transportation in order to avoid problems resulting from traffic delays. I cannot extend the reserved lesson time or make-up lessons missed due to unreliable traffic conditions.

Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that will not limit your ability to move and/or breathe easily.  Some of the work we do will be extremely physical, and you may work on the floor as well, particularly in the first few lessons.  

  • Sheet Music -  Your most comfortable 'go to' song(s), as well as your least comfortable song(s).
  • Recording Device - Phones, digital recorders, tablets, laptops, ipods are fine, provided they allow you to connect to external speakers for practice.
  • Bottled Water
  • Come warmed up if possible, so that I'll be hearing your 'normal'.  We will of course warm up if you are unable, and I will lead you through exercises during the lesson.

Since your initial phone interview will have been brief, we will talk further regarding your singing goals, previous voice training and experience and any vocal or physical limitations you may have.

I'll ask you to sing brief songs or excerpts of songs that you feel most comfortable and least comfortable with, listening to how you use your voice in various ranges or styles. It is probably best that you come already warmed up so that I can get a realistic representation of what is comfortable for you, using your current technique. I will then usually ask that you begin a warm-up with exercises that you do most often, and I’ll jump in and give you direction from there, modifying the exercises as you go. If you have not come warmed-up, I will reverse the above steps. I find it helpful for singers to start from the familiar, and with that as reference move towards something new.

You will progress from exercises to phrases of songs and then revisit some of what you sang earlier in the lesson as a means of comparison. The length of time spent on technique, on exercises and repertoire will vary from lesson to lesson depending on what your needs are. If you have an audition or something specific that needs to be addressed in any given lesson, please bring it up at the beginning of the lesson so that we can budget your time accordingly.


Productive Practice

Use your recorded lesson at least 4-5 times between lessons. Each time you work with the recording, you are having another lesson - for the price of one!  You will be programming your muscle memory as well as receiving the benefits of the exercises. Just as important, you will be internalizing my corrections and will begin to recognize issues on your own and then start to self-correct. This is a great way to empower yourself and begin to ‘own’ your technique.

According to experts on the subject of success, it takes thousands of practice hours to master a skill.  Elite athletes, musicians and performers understand that talent and beginner’s luck only go so far – they know from their experience that persistence and hard work are the keys to maintaining a consistently high level of performance that will last over time.


Treat your lesson as any other professional appointment and try to get a decent night’s sleep the night before, leave yourself sufficient travel time to get to your lesson, and also plan your meals and ‘rushing around’ activities accordingly. Take control of what you can! There are always delays beyond our control, but a steady diet of this will not yield the most productive lessons.

Prep your recording device

To avoid wasting lesson time & prevent losing the lesson while we’re recording make sure you have:
  • Fully charged your device
  • Sufficient memory available
  • Extra batteries or your charger handy


By Subway:

  • #1,2,3 Trains to West 72nd St. (#1 Local, #2,#3 Express).  First car of train is best.
        Bear right on Amsterdam to West 74th St.  170 is the first building on the right.
  • B or C Trains to West 72nd ST. & Central Park West.  10-15 min. walk to studio
        Walk across West 72, 73 or 74th St. to Amsterdam Ave. & 74th. Southeast Corner.

By Bus:

  • M#104 Bus - Up Broadway to 72nd/73rd St.  Walk 1.5 blocks to 74/Amsterdam
  • M#7 or M#11 Bus - up Amsterdam to 72nd/73rd.  Walk to 74/Amsterdam
  • M#7 or M#11 Bus - down Columbus to 74th St.  Make right and continue to #170.
  • M#66 Crosstown - cross E. 67th St. to W72nd St. & Broadway.  Walk to 74/Amsterdam

                           BUSES ARE SLOW - ALLOW LOTS OF EXTRA TIME!


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