College Auditions & Voice Lessons for Children

With featured Broadway, Television and numerous commercial credits by age 16,           Lisa Rochelle brings to her teaching a unique perspective and affinity for working with young singers and actors.

Although many aspects of singing and of 'the business' have changed, there are fundamental aspects of training young people that remain more important than ever --  Lisa Rochelle is committed to nurturing her students' uniqueness, helping them develop discipline and a work ethic and is committed to making the learning process FUN.

Q:  Do you offer voice lessons for children and teens?

Yes -- if appropriate, based on our initial phone call and an intro session. I will also work with young singers who have been referred by Voice Therapists and Laryngologists.

My young students have been featured on Broadway and National Tours of                 Les Miserables, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Miss Saigon, The King & I, La Boheme, The Metropolitan Opera Children's Chorus, Blues Clues, The American Girl, television and commercials.

Q:  What is your criteria for providing singing lessons to a child or teen?

That the student can sing on pitch, wants to sing and is willing to practice at home; the primary goal of lessons is to develop technique for a healthy, long-lasting instrument.  We will integrate the technique into songs that are age appropriate and fun to sing.

I will certainly help prepare your son or daughter for acting and singing auditions.  However, if there are vocal technique issues (such as strain, hoarseness, partial voice loss) or medical issues (allergies, upper respiratory infections, laryngitis, etc) at the time of the lesson, vocal health issues are given proper attention first.

Q:  Can you help prepare my teenager for college Musical Theatre auditions?

Yes, we can work on all aspects of preparing for college auditions.  My most important piece of advice for the student applying to a college Musical Theatre program is to BEGIN WORKING ON THE VOICE and MATERIAL SELECTION AS EARLY AS THE SPRING & SUMMER of SOPHOMORE year.  Level of preparation is key in this competitive arena, and it is one of the only aspects of the audition that you can control.  I also suggest using a video camera at home for practicing.  Although no one likes to watch themselves while 'in process', this can be an invaluable learning tool -- particularly for making quick progress.

Phone consultations can be scheduled as needed.

Q:  Will you work on the presentation and acting for general auditions?

Yes,  we can work on the performance aspect of your material at any lesson.

Q:  Will you help choose material for auditions?

Absolutely.  I will also make referrals to vocal coaches for material when appropriate.

Q: What is the difference between a voice teacher and a voice coach?

Traditionally, a voice teacher is trained to teach vocal technique (how to sing healthily) and a coach is usually a trained pianist who works on the selection, musical preparation and interpretation of repertoire.  There is often overlap, but I am primarily a voice teacher and also work on repertoire in voice lessons, sometimes independently of vocal technique.

There are many wonderful voice coaches who can offer some general singing tips to singers.  However, if the coach has not been trained to teach all aspects of vocal technique, remember he/she is not a voice teacher and does not necessarily have the skills to help you build technique, nor the expertise to know what might be best for your voice at any given time.  The selections and keys of songs should be agreed upon by both teacher and coach - especially for young singers.

Q:  What are your thoughts about BELTING and do you teach it?

There are certainly healthy ways to produce a belt sound.

Although many children and teens are natural belters, any young person who frequently sings belt-style music - whether Musical Theatre, Pop or Rock - should be trained by a teacher who has appropriate training and experience in teaching 'belt'.  Vocal injury in singers occurs most frequently in those who do not have proper training; even if the voice 'sounds good', that is not an indication of proper technique.  Loud singing and/or belting, is high-stress singing and should be taught by a well-trained professional vs. by imitation of recordings and other singers.

I teach belting techniques in conjunction with freeing and developing of all the registers (including head voice).  Healthy vocal function is healthy vocal function; I will not teach 'belting techniques' independently of developing the entire instrument.  The most 'belty' theatre, rock and pop singers work on their entire instruments as a way of maintaining the health and stamina of their voices.

Q:  Can I call you for audition or other advice in between lessons?

I am happy to answer a question by phone that may be pertinent to the week's lesson, a last-minute audition, or problem that your son/daughter may be having concerning their voice or their lessons.

Phone consultations should be scheduled if appropriate.

Q:  What if we have to cancel the night before of the day of a lesson?

Please see my cancellation policy below.  This applies to all cancellations.

A minimum of 24 hours notice BY PHONE is required for cancellations, or the reserved lesson time must be paid for.

E-mail cancellation alone is not sufficient.

48 hours notice by phone required for Sunday lessons.


If you have prepaid for a series of lessons, lessons must be used within 8 weeks of the first lesson.  Arrangements can be made if travel out of town is required due to work.

Not Sure? Illness?
If it is nearing 24 hours before your lesson and you think your child may be coming down with something, may have an audition, may get stuck at school, but you don't want to cancel the lesson at that point, call me to COVER YOURSELF and we can decide from there.

For those traveling from outside Manhattan, I strongly recommend using mass transportation in order to avoid problems resulting from traffic delays. I cannot extend the reserved lesson time or make-up lessons missed due to unreliable traffic conditions.

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